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One of our core goals is to leverage the Gaming Arena to expose students to educational opportunities related to gaming.

Learning Outcomes

Within the Gaming Arena, it is our intent that students will have the opportunities to meet the following outcomes as described under divisional themes for Carolina Excellence (Student Affairs) and the Community Immersion theme under Carolina Housing.


Theme #1: Interpersonal Development – Forming and sustaining healthy social relationships and the capacity to work effectively with others.

  • Outcome 1.1: Articulate factors and values that influence one’s understanding and needs of healthy social relationships
  • Outcome 1.2: Explain how developing healthy social relationships impacts their ability to sustain positive interpersonal relationships
  • Outcome 1.3: Engage in healthy choices and behaviors that promote healthy social relationships

Theme #2: Wellness – Living life with vitality while negotiating, resolving, and growing in the face of challenges.

  • Outcome 2.1: Articulate factors that positively contribute to their social, academic, and emotional wellbeing.
  • Outcome 2.2: Explain how positive social, academic, and emotional wellbeing effectively contributes to their holistic success.
  • Outcome 2.3: Engage in opportunities that allow for students to successfully identify, confront, and navigate socially, academically, and emotionally challenging situations.

Theme #3: Critical Thinking – exploring complex issues, ideas, and events to form well-reasoned opinions, decisions, or conclusions.

  • Outcome 3.1: Demonstrate an understanding of diverse perspectives
  • Outcome 3.2: Demonstrate argumentation, analysis, and synthesis skills in communication with others to achieve a common goal

Theme #4: Community Immersion – experiences for residents to establish relationships, explore and understand the hall environment, and engage in involvement and leadership opportunities.

  • Outcome 4.1: Positively contribute to the community within various levels of residential space, the university, and off-campus.
  • Outcome 4.2: Participate in leadership development opportunities