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These are some of the frequently asked questions we hear.  If you don’t find an answer to your questions here, ask us!

What is the mouse DPI range?

How do you make a reservation?

  • You can reserve a PC station through our reservations page.  Console games are first-come, first-serve.

Can I bring non-UNC visitors?

  • Sure thing!  We know you’ll probably want to bring friends by to see the arena, and we welcome the attention.  We do limit to one guest at a time per UNC student/staff/faculty, and you are not allowed to let them log into a PC with your ONYEN.

Can I bring drinks or food?

  • You can have a closed water bottle around the console gaming side of the arena (couches and chairs).  We do not allow food or drinks of any kind near the PC stations.

Where can I put my bag/belongings?

  • There are secure lockers available for bags and any closed container drinks you may bring in.  We request all bags be put away to avoid tripping hazards.

Can I bring my own devices? (keyboards/mice/etc)

  • Absolutely.  We do ask that you notify a gaming assistant that you want to use your own device, and you plug into the USB ports on the top/front of the PC.  You MAY NOT unplug any of our devices.

What are the hours of operation?

  • We’re open 4pm-10pm Tuesday-Thursday, and 4pm-midnight on Fridays.

How can I reserve time for a large group (RAs, tours, etc)?

  • Head over to our contact page and let us know what you want to do.

What kind of games do you all have?  How do I request a game to be added?

  • Our games are listed under Arena>Games, and you can contact us to request a different game be available.

Can someone help me if I’ve never played games before?

  • We have Gaming Assistants in the arena for just this sort of support.  Seek one out and let them show you how to get started.

Can I bring my own PC / console?

  • We have 2 stations with monitors set up to allow you to plug in any personal device and enjoy the same network and environment in the arena.  Just look to the right of the big video wall to find the BYOD station.

Can I just look around?

  • Absolutely – and take photos!  And then make a reservation to come back and play.

Can I step out in the middle of a game and come back?

  • Sure you can.  If you’re on a PC just lock your station (top right, person icon).  If you’re on a gaming console just let a Gaming Assistant know that you’ll be right back.

Do I need to check-out when I leave?

  • If you’re leaving early from a reserved time it would be helpful to let us know.  That way we can make the PC available for someone else early.  Otherwise there’s no need.  We’ll see you next time!