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The Carolina Gaming Arena is committed to supporting the values of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Carolina Housing.


The Carolina Gaming Arena will work to build an inclusive space where all visitors feel welcome and comfortable to come and participate. Goals of the arena including providing programs, spaces, and experiences that promote a sense of belonging, adaptability, and positive affirmation of identities. Programs will also seek to address issues of gender and racial diversity in esports.


The Carolina Gaming Arena aims to maintain a facility and programs that are safe, secure, healthy, promote physical and emotional well being, and educate students to live safely and make decisions in line with their values and goals. Our goal is to work with on campus resources to provide avenues for residents to learn and explore healthy gaming behaviors. 


The Carolina Gaming Arena aims to build a supportive community inside the space and throughout the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as it relates to esports. The arena seeks to place students at the center of our work and engage them in educational activities, roles, and relationships that support success and foster growth.


The Carolina Gaming Arena is committed to providing opportunities for residents to experience game-play on high-quality machines without having to incur the costs associated with gaming.

The Carolina Gaming Arena offers visitors free access to a variety of games. The arena is outfitted with state of the art gaming PCs, monitors, and peripherals provided by Lenovo. Professional gaming chairs are provided by Respawn. 


The Carolina Gaming Arena aims to be a state of the art facility within Carolina Housing. The arena will take innovative approaches to balancing tradition with progressiveness, providing comfortable living and learning environments, and being accountable for the efficient and effective use of resources.